Photos Photo Challenge - Maroon 📷 I love this wall in the grounds of Bretons Manor. Built in 1742 and the fifth manor house on the site since 1160, its grounds are now our local Outdoor Recreation Centre and home to archery, football, and model flying clubs. Photo Challenge - Pot 📷 Time for a nice pot of coffee. Redemption Roasters work with offenders in HMP The Mount to train them for careers as baristas. The profits go towards helping their graduates find work and reintegrate with society. Photo Challenge - Park 📷 The top of the best preserved Tett Turret in our local country park. Tetts were intended to be ultra-cheap one man machine-gun turrets made of reinforced concrete rotating on top of a cylinder sunk in the ground. They were not successful. Photo Challenge - Silhouette 📷 Crossing the Thames at the end of a long day. Photo Challenge - Earth 📷 Coming down to Earth - Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta, London, 10th September 2017. Twenty-six balloons took off from London City Airport, and a number of them returned to Earth in the park just behind my house. Photo Challenge - Thorny 📷 I used to be a member of the National Cactus and Succulent Society, but now only have a variety of succulents around the house and a very hostile Opuntia in the back garden. Photo Challenge - Experimental 📷 Just passed 13 million points running a dedicated Core i5 PC to simulate protein folding and enzyme binding for folding@home experiments. Photo Challenge - Photo 📷 Newly installed digital ad display. Croydon, UK. Photoblogging Challenge

Today is the first day of The May 2022 Photoblogging Challenge on the platform. There have been vaguely annual photoblogging challenges on the platform since at least 2019 and they are always a lot of fun - though the quality of the photos can be rather intimidating!

There is a new prompt word posted for each day in May - so you may see a series of random photos on this blog over the next month…

The Kodak Brownie 127, by the way, was the first camera I owned - a constant companion as a child. Mine was held together with gaffer tape which had to re-applied each time a new roll of film was loaded.

Entries so far… Photo Challenge - Switch 📷 Signal box levers at York Railway Museum.


Nipped out into the back garden between meetings to see if I could see today’s eclipse. I found horizon to horizon rolling cloud and trying to project the eclipse using a pinhole camera wasn’t very successful.

The sun appeared now and again through the cloud and I decided to risk an old bridge camera where I wouldn’t be too upset if I fried the sensor.

Luckily the camera’s sensor and my sight survived.

An encounter with a Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar

I nearly tripped over this attractive little fellow while out on my lunchtime walk in a London park a few days ago. It’s the caterpillar of the Pale Tussock moth (Calliteara pudibunda) and was about 4cm long. It was charging determinedly across the grass to the safety of a nearby tree.

At this time of the year they pupate to spend the winter as a chrysalis and then reappear in the spring in all their hairy goodness. The adults are large (up to 6cm wingspan) are furry, grey, and have distinctively forward-stretched front legs.

They are pretty common in the UK, though this is the first of their caterpillars I’ve found.