Miscellanea 1

Miscellanea for the weekending 12-Nov-2023:

  • Oort - Learn Rust by programming a fleet a spaceships flying through the Oort cloud. Control the ships’ engines, weapons, radar, and communications in this real time on-line simulation.
  • @2001frames - a bot that posts the next frame of “2001: A Space Odyssey” to Mastodon every hour. (Mastodon account not needed.) I’m unlikely to make the 24 years to the end of the film, so will have to content myself with…
  • @2001faster - which posts every 24th frame to Mastodon, one per hour, giving a run time of a year.
  • milliForth - a full programming language in 386 bytes. This beats the dreadfully bloated sectorForth which could almost fill a 512 byte boot sector.
  • Skjálfti - (Trembling) Visualisation of live seismic data from Iceland. At the time of this post Grindavík is experiencing hundreds of tremors per day and residents have been evacuated as a volcanic eruption is looking more and more likely.
  • One-Winged Sail Plane - Yasushi Nishimura attempts to fly a radio-controlled glider that has no left wing. His other videos are worth watching too - especially if you like Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds or just daft flying machines.
  • Lucy’s flyby of Dinkinesh - A detailed report on the Lucy space probe’s encounter with Dinkinesh and the unexpected discovery of its binary pair of moonlets.