Douglas Crockford

On Monday night Douglas Crockford gave a fascinating, far-reaching, and rather humorous talk about the features he would like to see in the language that succeeds JavaScript. Crockford is the inventor of the JSON specification, author of JavaScript: The Good Parts, and the developer of JSLint (and its “Not for Evil” license.)

Crockford started his talk by describing the Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo’s philosophy of only keeping things that “Spark Joy”, and applying it to the current state of computer languages. He treated us to a whistle-stop tour of many of the things wrong with everything from ASCII to arrays, and from generators to null. He spoke about the successes and the failures of Functional programming, and his enthusiasm for Elm. It was a far-ranging talk and I learned a lot on the way - why 0/0 doesn’t return NaN on some computers, why we ‘throw’ exceptions, why the callback should alway be the first parameter, and why I’ve been wrong about semicolons all this time.

The free event (and free beer) was put on by Skills Matter, at their CodeNode venue near Liverpool Street station in London. This is the largest dedicated venue for technology events in the UK and mainstay of the London techy Meetup scene. The talk was put on as part of the build up to Skills Matter’s FullStack JavaScript conference later in the year.

Skills Matter filmed the event to add to their ever growing library of “SkillsCasts” but it hasn’t been edited and uploaded yet. I’ll update this post when the video is online - it will be essential viewing not only for JavaScript developers, but anyone with an interest in the future of programming languages.


Skills Matter have now uploaded the video to:

The Post JavaScript Apocalypse