Having had an Asus EEE PC 4G placed into the tender care of DHL for next day delivery on the 24th January I’m still without a machine to play with. The box disappeared at Gatwick and hasn’t been seen since. DHL insisted on a five day investigation before admitting they hadn’t a clue where it was. Of course they didn’t tell me that - they left it to the supplier to apologise on their behalf.

The replacement was supposed to have shipped today, so when the delivery estimate went up to 15 days overnight I thought I’d try a trip to Tottenham Court Road, the closest you’ll get to Akihabara in the UK. In each shop questions about the availability of EEE 4Gs were met with a shaken head and a wry smile. As I approached the very last shop I was amazed to see a “We have Asus EEE 4Gs in Stock Now!” sign in the window. Rushing in, my fevered question was answered with “Well they are not actually here, but they will be arriving today.”

The salesman kindly rang their supplier to find out when the EEEs would arrive. The call went something like:

“Can you confirm they will be arriving this afternoon?”

“Well, were they put on the lorry?”

“So do you have any in the warehouse?”

“Oh, so the ship will arrive when?”