I should have spent this evening working out how to install FreeMind on the Asus EEE PC. However despite my miniature box of Linux goodness having been dispatched for overnight shipping last Thursday, five days later it has yet to arrive. According to the delivery company’s tracking system it reached Gatwick on Friday morning and promptly disappeared.

Now, according to Seth LLoyd the Universe can be considered to be a quantum computer. We know that a suitably dense concentration of matter can warp the fabric of the Universe - time and space. It therefore does not seem unreasonable that a suitably dense concentration of computing power will have the same effect, when the Cosmos is considered as a quantum computer.

The small size of the Asus EEE PC means that a lot of computer power is concentrated into a small amount of space. Placing too many EEE’s together will produce a too dense computing potential leading to dire consequences for the fabric of the Universe. It is well known that Asus export the EEE in boxes of only five. This is not due to a world-wide shortage and Asus not being able to keep up with demand, but because this is the largest number that can be safely placed in close proximity.

In the case of my EEE, it would appear that the carrier stacked it with too many other EEE’s in the same shipment. The resulting computational singularity led to a hole in the fabric of the Universe as the EEE’s collapsed into their own NAND gates.